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What does GKV stand for?

Gary Knisely (the Founder of GKV Foundation) and Varian, his wife who died in 2011

How long has the GKV Foundation been in existence?

GKV Foundation was created in 2017 and awarded its first grants in March 2018.

How did the Foundation get started?

The founder decided that he wanted to become more knowledgeable about how one could improve society through using the arts as educational tools.

What does the GKV Foundation do?

Go To: Mission

Who can I call if I have any questions?

Go To: Contact Us

Who has GKV Funded in the past?

2021: National Dance Institute’s DREAM Program

2021: Me/2’s expansion into new cities

2021: Washington Ballet’s THEARC

2020: Education Through Music’s “Music TECH”

2020: Harmony Program’s “Choral Programs”2020: Match for expansion of: Skidmore College’s “Dance to Success”

2019: Jazz at Lincoln Center’s “WeBop” in Spanish2019: Skidmore College’s “Dance to Success”

How many grants do you award each year?

Fewer than a half-dozen new ones. Final number will be effected by the amount that GKV allocates to support programs in years 2 and 3 where the initial GKV grant showed great promise.

Can I contribute to GKV?



How innovative?

Something untried but with exciting possibilities grabs our interest. But a program that is  an extension of a current program into a new area or will include a creative but impactful new wrinkle will be seriously considered.

How broadly do you define “arts”?

Very broadly. Someone once asked if GKV would consider a Culinary Arts program. We debated that for a bit, and then decided “Why not?”  All depends on the specifics of the proposed program.

What’s your ideal grant size?

Somewhere between $25,000 and $50,000.

Can I request multi-year funding?


What are my odds of having a proposal accepted?

Our limited experience is that the likelihood that your LOI will result in an invitation to submit a full proposal is 5%; and that a full proposal will result in a grant is, by design, 20%.

Does GKV limit itself by geography?

Yes, for 2024 awards, GKV will only consider awarding grants to Berkshire County, Massachusetts, organizations.

How will GKV judge the success of my program?

Go to: “Designing the Evaluation.”

Can I submit the same LOI in subsequent years? Yes.


Do I have to be a not-for-profit to submit an LOI? Answer: Yes.
If we have been denied a grant, can we re-apply?Answer: Yes.
Can we apply if we are fiscally sponsored by another organization? Answer:Yes.
Is it possible to get more than one grant? Answer:Doubtful, but not impossible.
Is there a preferred age demographic? Answer:No.

GKV Charitable Foundation has funded projects that support artistic growth for all age groups.

Will GKV consider funding projects outside their preferred target area?

While our funding priorities are focused in the Mid-Atlantic and New England area, GKV will read and consider all LOIs that are submitted within the submission window.


How many Letters of Interest will you review?

Because our staff is small, we will only read the first 100 submissions received prior to the deadline (see “Next Round” tab).

If asked to submit a Proposal, what are the odds I will win a GKV grant?

About 20%.

How many grants do you award each year?

Three to four new ones. Final number will be effected by the amount that GKV allocates to support programs where the initial GKV grant showed great promise.

How will I know that you have received and will review my LOI?

If yours is one of the 100 LOIs we plan to review, you will receive an automatically generated email.

How will I know that my LOI has been selected to be one of the about 5% which will be invited to send GKV a Proposal?

You will receive a Grant Proposal request via email about a month after the LOI deadline (see “Next Round” tab).

Will I be informed if we are not invited to submit a Grant Proposal?

Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to respond negatively to the 90 or so LOIs that are not invited to submit Proposals. One should assume that “No news is bad news’’.

May I ask for a multi-year grant?

Yes. In some cases we offer continuing 2nd and 3rd year extensions if certain criteria are achieved particularly a level of matching funds.

Need More Information:

I really looked everywhere for an answer to my question but to no avail. I need some special attention. What can I do?

Send us an email with your question to digdeeper@gkvfdn.org. Unfortunately, your answer won’t be instantaneous.

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