Grant Proposal

 Submit ONLY After You Receive an Invitational Response to Your Letter of Interest

     Submitters of Letters of Interest for each of the 3-4 planned grants will be asked to provide a more robust Grant Proposal.  This Grant Proposal  should address and expand on the points summarized in the Letter of Interest.
     Keep your Grant Proposal succinct.  Do not include long “boilerplate” passages which will divert our attention from the program for which you require funding.
      Send your requested proposal  electronically to and please remember to insert your organization’s name and EIN in Subject line.
     Upon receipt of your proposal GKV will reach out to you to schedule a 15-20 minute interview with the individual responsible for the proposed program.  Therefore, please let us know with whom we will be speaking and the best way (telephone, email, text?) to set up that conversation.
     See “Submission Process” tab for deadline for submitting this Proposal.
     Use these the following as the outline of your proposal (words in front of each dot point should begin each section of your proposal):
  • “Parent Organization”: A summary and overview of the parent organization – its mission, history, current programs, staff and board, its ability to run a successful new initiative.
  • “Program Description”: A description of the proposed program to include what the expected, measurable outcome and impact will be;  why this program is important to the major mission of the organization;  who will be directly involved in implementing the program, and, a detailed budget for the proposed project.
  • “Work Plan”: A detailed plan of work outlining the activities that will occur during the funding period (12 months with the beginning date chosen by you).
  • “Marketing Plan”:Your plan to initiate and market the program.
  • “Evaluation Plan”:An evaluation plan that is consistent with the scope of the program and capacity of the organization.  For help in addressing this requirement, we strongly suggest that you click on  “Designing the Evaluation.”
  • “Second Year”: How do you foresee extending the program beyond GKV’s commitment, assuming a successful first year.
  • “Parent Financials”: Financials of Parent Organization:  most recent full-year audited financials and current  year-to-date financials, actual vs. budget. 
  • “501(c)3 Status”: Proof of 501(c)3 status.


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